Elptoo can provide services when you want to watch a play. Your assistance may be able to book your ticket for you or for you family ahead of time. You may also ask for which theatres are showing what plays and at what times. Elptoo makes it easy for you!

Find out what's showing

Know what is showing near you. Ask your Elptoo assistant to provide a list of shows, times and prices.

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Get theatre tickets

Do you need tickets for the teatre? Get the job done with your Elptoo assistant.

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Know the showtimes

Do not miss out on the shows you want to watch. Know when, where and what time they will be playing. Elptoo can provide all this to you. Just ask your Elptoo assistant with the free app.

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Find theatre classes

Always dreamed of becoming an actor? Let Elptoo be part of your journey to stardom. Ask your assistant about classes nearby.

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Find cheap tickets

Get deals on tickets through your Elptoo assistant. Just provide what you require and your assistant will do the rest.

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Find Shakespeare plays

Are you looking for a more classical play? Ask you assistant to find Shakespear plays and book your tickets.

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What is playing on West End?

Do you want to know what is playing on West End? Just ask your Elptoo assistant with a call or through the chat service.

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Find a musical

Find a musical that fits your taste. Your Elptoo assistant is waiting for you to chat with him.

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Find a drama play

Looking for a little drama? Find a play nearby through your Elptoo assistant. Ask if there are discounted tickets that would suit your budget

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Last minute tickets

Ask your Elptoo assistant to find last minute tickets so you don't have to. Chat with him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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