Tailor and dress designer

Do you need help with any alterations for your wardrobe? Elptoo can assist you with your courture, bespoke and tailoring needs. Your assistant can help search for nearby seamstresses and get price quotes so you would not have to. Finding a seamstress is just a chat away.

Get a tailored suit

Are you looking for a tailor-fit suit? Elptoo can find you a tailor nearby. Just ask your assistant today.

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Find a tailor for re-adjustments

Do you need to have some changes made to your gown or suit? Elptoo can connect you to a tailor to accomodate your needs. Just chat with your assistant now.

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Custom clothing

Looking to standout with a unique outfit? Have a tailor make one for you with the help of your Elptoo assistant.

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Find a fashion designer

Looking for a fashion designer? Elptoo can assist you in your search. Just talk to your assistant now.

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Find a costume maker

Ask you assistant to find a tailor to make your unique and special costume for plays or even holloween costumes. Subscribe today!

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Find fabrics

Find the fabric that fits your custom suit or dress. Your Elptoo assistant can help you find the fabric that you would like and need. Chat with him via the free app today.

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Custom wedding dress

Get your dream wedding dress exactly how you want it. Talk to your assistant today and he can get you a designer for your special day.

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Learn how to sew

Do you need help with learning how to sew? Your assistant is available today to help you out with anything.

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Garments repair

Do you need help with patching up a hole in your jeans? Elptoo can provide you the help you need.

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Book an appointment

Book an appointment with a fashion designer. Task your assistant today.

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