Swimming pool

Elptoo is able to find you all the services that you would need for your swimming pool. Talk to your assistant about the needs and problems that you may have and he will be able to find parts, service mechanic or even cleaning service near you. All you would need is to subscribe and get talking to your asstistant today!

Pool maintenance

Pool maintenance is very important. From finding leaks to water quality, your Elptoo assistance can find you what you need. Chat with him now.

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Service contract for your pool

Service contracts for pools are yearly services that may cover cleaning, upkeep and equipment maintenance. Let your Elptoo find you service contracts for your swimming pool.

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Pool cleaning

Do you need to have your pool cleaned? Let Elptoo find you a qualified cleaner.

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Pool refurbishment

Give your swimming pool a makeover. Let Elptoo assist you in finding qualified contractors to make your pool look fresh and brand new.

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Get a pool cover

Do you need a pool cover? There are many types and kinds of pool covers including manual and automatic covers. Find more about it with your assistant and ask your Elptoo assistant where to get one.

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Pool heating

From electric to solar to gas and oil boilers, there are many ways to keep your pool warm. Ask your assistant about these and ask him to find the right equipment for you as well.

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Pool opening & closedown

Prepare your pool for all seasons from opening during the summer months to closing during the winter. Get this service done by contacting your Elptoo assistant.

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Pool solutions and chemicals

Are you looking for pool solution for upkeep? Ask your Elptoo assistant for to find the cheapest one for what you need. Call your assistant today!

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Pool construction quotation

Do you want to have a pool installed but worried about the cost? Ask your assistant for price quotation.

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Landscaping artist

A good pool is only as good as it's surroundings. Let Elptoo find a landscape artist for you that would make your pool the highlight of your backyard.

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