Elptoo can find for you shows that are of your interest. Book a ticket ahead of time to skip the lines, or look for a show near you. Let your assistant know what you need and let him do all the work!

Find a ballet tour

Looking for a ballet troupe? Ask your Elptoo assistant for where you can find one that is playing near you. Contact your assistant today.

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Find a comedy act

Get a good laugh from a comedy act. Task your assistant to find you a nearby act and book the tickets for you.

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Watch an opera play

Looking for something more cultural? Watch an opera and find out more about dates, times and book your tickets through the Elptoo assistant.

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Find a sports event

Looking to see your favorite sports live? Ask your Elptoo assistant to get you tickets for that dream game you have been wanting to watch. Chat with him today.

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Get British Grand Prix tickets

Watch the British Grand Prix. Get your tickets today through your Elptoo assistant so you would not have to miss out.

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Watch a rugby match

Do you want to watch a rugby match? Secure your tickets today using your Elptoo assistant. Just call or chat with available matches and pick the one you want.

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Find museums and art galleries

Know where the best museums and art galleries around you. Your Elptoo assistant will be able to provide guidance to where to go. Just ask via the website or the free app

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Rent equipment for a show

Are you putting up your own show? Then it would help to have your Elptoo assistant look for the equipment and materials that you need. Task your assistant today and cross it off your to-do list.

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Be part of a live show audience

Do you want to watch The X Factor or Britain's Got Talent live? Be part of the audience of your favorite TV show. Ask your Elptoo assistant to book your tickets today!

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Get group tickets

Ask your Elptoo assistant to get you tickets to places you want to see if you are in a group. This will save a lot of time when visiting the venue. Call your Elptoo assistant today.

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