Do you need help with booking a table, or do you need the whole restaurant for a party or a corporate function? Elptoo's restaurant services can help you make the process easier and convenient. Let your assistant know your requirements and he will be able to help you.

Find an Indian restaurant

Craving for Indian food? Let Elptoo find you the best restaurants near you. Talk to your assistant today.

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Find an Italian restaurant

Searching for the best Italian restaurant? Let Elptoo do it for you and book a table as well. Talk to your assistant about your requirements.

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Find a Chinese restaurant

Find a specific Chinese cuisine near you. Your Elptoo assistant will find it for you as soon as you chat with him.

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Find a Thai restaurant

Looking to expand your culinary appetite? Try Thai food next time you ask your Elptoo assistant for table reservation.

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Find a Turkish restaurant

Been craving for Turkish food? Ask you Elptoo assistant to find you what you need.

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Find a Greek restaurant

Craving for mediterranean food? Ask Elptoo to locate one for you and book a table as well. Your are just steps away from having a good and sating meal.

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Book a table

Do you need table reservations? Ask your Elptoo assistant to book it for you.

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Reserve the entire restaurant

Do you need to reserve an entire restaurant for an event? Let your Elptoo assistant do it for you. Provide the details and worry no more!

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Find a restaurant for a date

Arrange for a date night with your special someone through your Elptoo assistant. Let it be the most romantic night that you will ever have.

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Find a restaurant for a business meeting

Find a restaurant that is conducive for business meetings. Ask your assistant to find one for you and book a table.

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