Pest control

Elptoo can look for a qualified exterminator to help you with your pest problems at home or at the office. Your assistant can find one that meets your requirements. Book an appointment immediately so you can live hassle-free.

Insects control and removal

Having problems with insects in your home? Call you assistant now to get this pest problem controlled. Elptoo will find you the services that you need with just a call or chat away.

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Have bed bugs removed

Take your bed back from those bed bugs. Ask you Elptoo asistant to provide you with a list of contractors who can have this done and don't forget to ask for their price quotation as well.

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Mammal control and removal

Having problems with mammals entering your property or home? Ask you Elptoo assistant to see who will be able to provide quality services to your home. Chat with your assistant now.

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Urgent pest control services

Unwanted pests ruining your home. Get it treated urgently with qualified workers through your Elptoo assistant today.

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Bird control and removal

Bird problems include fouling (deposits in unwanted areas), aggresive behaviour, nesting and noise. Elptoo will be able to find qualified contractors to get the job done. Subscribe to Elptoo and get access to plenty more services.

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Get commercial pest control

Pest problems in the office? Get it addressed today with Elptoo. Contact your assistant via the website or on the free app.

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Have a pest inspection done

Get your home inspected for pets. Call you assistant for qualified servicemen and do not forget to ask for the price quoattion so you would only need to pick the one that fits your budget.

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Mice & mouse control and removal

Call your Elptoo assistant now to get rid of your rodent problems. Talk to your assistant today!

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Wasps control and removal

No one wants to have a wasps's nest nearby your home. Your Elptoo assistant can address this problem with just one call.

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Cockroach control and removal

Distressed because you found a coackroach inside your home? Get a pest control service from qualified contractors with your Elptoo assistant. He is waiting for your call.

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