Music coach

Elptoo can find you the perfect music coach depending on your need. May it be a particular instrument, vocal lessons, learning to read music or whatever you may wish, your assistant can help you find the perfect solution. Subscribe now and get access to all other services!

Find a vocal coach

Find a vocal coach that would meet your standard. Let Elptoo find one for you.

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Hire a guitar teacher

Do you want to learn how to play the guitar? Elptoo can find classes for you. Just talk to your assistant today.

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Learn to read music

Learn how to read music. Your Elptoo assistant can provide you with what you would need. Chat with him via the app.

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Hire a piano teacher

Do you want to learn how to play the piano? Elptoo can find a teacher for you. Do you want to learn from home? then just specify to your assistant and he will find one for you!

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Learn to play a musical instrument

Unlock a new skill in life. Learn how to play a musical instrument. Ask your Elptoo assitant for classes nearby and book the class for you.

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Song writing classes

Do you want to attend song writing classes? Elptoo will find one for you. Just ask your assistant today.

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Buy a musical instrument

Looking for a particular musical instument? Ask you Elptoo assistant to find the one that you have been looking for.

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Sell a musical intrument

Trying to sell your musical instrument? Let Elptoo help you with that.

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Rent a karaoke machine

Looking for karaoke machine for your party? Let Elptoo find it for you. Just let your assistant know your requirements and let him do all the work.

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Find classes online

Looking for classes online? Let your Elptoo assistant know the details and he will be able to find the classes for you.

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