Elptoo can find you a qualified mechanic. Let your assistant know what kind of service you would need. Emergency appointments can also be requested which will be tailored to your need and budget. You are just a few minutes away from having all your needs accomplished. Subscribe and let our assistant know what help you would need, and let him do all the work.

Get your car engine repaired

Do you need to have your car's engine repaired? Find qualified mechanics to get the job done. With your Elptoo assistant you can find one near you.

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Have your tyre changed

Get your tyres changed or rotated in order to maximise their efficiency. Your Elptoo assistant will find servicemen that can do the job for you. Just ask your assistant today via the website.

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Get your car battery changed

Do you need you battery changed urgently? Call your assistant today and get it serviced immediately.

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Find a car belt replacement

Get your car belt changed. Chat with your Elptoo assistant to find the right mechanic for your needs.

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Get your brakes checked

Get your brakes checked or changed. Safety first! Your Elptoo assistant will find one to help diagnose or change your vehicle's brakse. Just let him know the details se he can get working.

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Have your vehicle diagnosed

Make sure your car is running in tip top shape! Get it diagnosed as preventive costs are usually cheaper than repair costs. Your Elptoo assistant can help you with this. Just chat with him today.

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Car filter replacement

Make sure all the filters of your vehicle are clean and working properly. Call your assistant today to find a mechanic near you.

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Find a mechanic school

Are you looking to become a mechanic? Elptoo can help find schools nearby and within your budget. Just ask him via the app today.

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Vehicle lock repair

Do you need to have the locks on your vehicle repaired? Ask your assistant for a locksmith that can help you with it.

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Find a car mechanic

Not sure what is wrong with your car? Then your best bet is to have a mechanic see what's wrong. Elptoo can provide you with qualified mechanics to service your vehicle.

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Winter preparation service

Make sure your car is winter proof otherwise costly repairs can follow or even get car troubles while stuck in the cold. Ask your Elptoo assistant to make sure your car is in ready for the winter season.

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Clutch repair

Do you feel like there is something wrong with your clutch? Make sure iyour car is always travel safe. Call your Elptoo assistant so you would not have to worry anymore.

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