Household services

Elptoo can assist with your household needs. Find qualified professionals in the cleaning or technical service for your home or office. Your assistant will also be able to provide price quotations from service providers near you. Chat with your assistant now via the app or the website.

Property refurbishment specialist

Do you have new renovation ideas? Make it come to fruition with Elptoo. Talk to your assistant now.

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Nanny housekeeper

Do you need help with your child and home? You can ask Elptoo for a nanny housekeeper.

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Hire a cleaner

Do you need cleaning services for your home or your office? Elptoo can provide qualified cleaners for the requirements you need.

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Find plumbing services

Let your assistant find you a qualified plumber to do the work that you would need. Just mention thoroughly the work required and count it as done.

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Get pest control

Having problems with pests? Call you assistant now to get this problem controlled. Elptoo will find you the services that you need with just a call or chat.

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Appliance installation

Get your appliance up and running with a handyman. Elptoo will find you the perfect one depending on your budget and the type of work you need to be done. Chat with your assistant today.

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Electrical wiring

Make sure your wiring is done right by qualified electricians. Elptoo will find one for you that could address the problems you may have at home. Call your assistant today.

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Swimming pool maintenance

Pool maintenance is very important. From finding leaks to water quality, your Elptoo assistance can find you what you need. Chat with him now.

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Window boarding

Do you need to have your windows boarded? Your Elptoo assistant can find you a qualified glazier to get the job done.

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Glass repairs

Broken windows can lead to security risks. Have yours repaired today. Call your Elptoo assistant and find nearby glaziers and have him quote the repairs.

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