Heating engineer

Do you have a heating problem? Let Elptoo assist you to get the heating problem fixed. From urgent fixes to installation to comparative price estimations, Elptoo can find the service you need. Talk to our assistant now and keep toasty throughout the cold days.

Find a heating engineer

Do you need a heating engineer? You have come to the right place as your assistant can find you one for you. Just ask your Elptoo assistant.

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Emergency heating services

Request for an urgent heating engineer to your Elptoo assistant. He will be able to find you one tailored to fit your requirements.

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Get a price quotation

Not sure how much it would cost? Task your assistant to have several quotes so you are able to choose the right one for you.

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Have your heaters changed

Do you need to have your heaters changed? Ask your Elptoo assistant to find qualified servemen to get the job done. Chat with your assistant today.

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Change your boiler

Need help in changing your boiler? Your Elptoo assistant is just waiting for your message.

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Home automation system

Is your heating system out-of-date? Elptoo can assist you in getting it automated so you feel toasty the moment you enter your home.

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Get central heating

Do you need a central heating installed? Your Elptoo assistant can find the right people to get your central heating up and running. Just chat with your assistant today.

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Repair your heating equipment

Is there something not working right with your heating equipment? Explain your troubles with your assistant and see how he can help you out.

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Annual boiler service

Stop incurring more costs. Have your boiler serviced annually to prevent sudden breakdowns. Ask your Elptoo assistant via the website or the free app.

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Get your heating upgraded

Are your winters not as toasty anymore? Perhaps it is time to have a heater upgrade. Enquire to your Elptoo assistant how you can have this done today.

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