Elptoo can provide you assistance with pertaining to your health. The platform can offer you appointment schedules when you need to go to your GP. Other services are finding the nearest pharmacy depending on the hour and location. Talk to your assistant now and he will do his best to meet your needs.

Find a hospital nearby

Know where the nearest hospital nearby. Contact your Elptoo assistant to know more. Download the free app today!

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Find health insurance

Know where to get individual, family, child and/or joint health insurance. Know the coverage and all the details. Just ask your Elptoo assistant to let you know where you can find one.

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Get an appointment

Do you need an appointment with your GP? If possible, ask your Elptoo assistant to book it for you. Just call or chat with him today.

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Do you need to to call for an emergency? Ask your Elptoo assistant to provide assistance.

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Find a pharmacy

Do you need to know where the nearest pharmacy is? Do you need to know the availability or if they can deliver to your home?

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Find a dentist or orthodontist

Find the nearest dentist or othodontist and book an appointment. Just ask your Elptoo assistant to have it done for you.

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Mental health

Know about mental helth services near you. Your Elptoo assistant can help you out. Just chat with him via the website or the the mobile app.

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Sexual health

Find a sexual health clinic nearby. Ask your health me assistant to find one for you. Your assistant is just a chat away.

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Find GP services

Do you need to go to a GP? Your Elptoo assistant find the services that you will need. Just let your Elptoo assistant know the requirements that you would need via the website or the app.

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Find GP locations

Know where to get the service you would need from your GP. Your assistant can find you the locations where you can get it done. Just let him know about what you need and he will be able to point to where to go. Call your assistant today.

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