Handling services

Elptoo for handling services offers a variety of offers. Let your assistant know what you require in order for him to provide the best service for you. Subscribe now to the platform and have access to all the services offered.

Material handling services

Do you need materials to be moved, stored, controlled or protected? Call your Elptoo assistant today to find the services you need.

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Rent a forklift

A forklift is a versatile and powerful machinery. Just let your Elptoo assistant know what items you will need lifting to find the right forklift size for you.

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Call handling services

Looking for companies to handle customer enquiry? Look no further. Just call your Elptoo assistant to find the right service partners for you.

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Customs handling service

Do you need to find a service provider for customs clearance? Elptoo can find one for you. Just call your assistant today.

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Freight handling services

Are there materials and items that you would need by freight? Just ask your Elptoo assistant so he can help you with your freight tasks.

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Cheap handling services

Find the cheapest alternative for your handling services. Ask you Elptoo assistant to check the prices and find one that fits your budget.

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Handling for the elderly

Do you need extra care for your elderly loved ones? Elptoo can find one for you. Just call or use the chat services on the free app or the website.

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Get a handling quotation

Get quotations for any handling services that you may need. Just provide your requirements to your dedicated Elptoo assistant and he can get price quotes for you.

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Rent construction machinery

Renting construction material is always more economical. Your Elptoo assistant can find a companythat would meet your exact needs.

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Find warehousing services

Are you looking for a storage place? Elptoo can find one where you can have this done. Just let your assistant know your requirements.

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