Let Elptoo assist you with your windows. Your assistant may be able to find you a glazier for urgent repairs, window replacement or installation. Let your assistant know your budget and address to find a qualified glazier.

Get windows boarded

Do you need to have your windows boarded? Your Elptoo assistant can find you a qualified glazier to get the job done.

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Glass window repair

Broken windows can lead to security risks. Have yours repaired today. Call your Elptoo assistant and find nearby glaziers and have him quote the repairs.

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Emergency glazing

Get the job done right away. Just message your Elptoo assistant to find qualified contractors immediately.

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Get windows misted

Get your misted windows repaired. Chat with your Elptoo assistant to provide you with qualified workers near you.

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Window upgrade

Do you need extra insulation with your windows? Your Elptoo assistant can find qualified servicemen to get the job done right. Just ask your assistant today.

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Shed, garage or greenhouse repairs

Do you need repairs for your shed, garage or greenhouse? Elptoo will be able to help you based on what you require. Just mention to your assistant what you need.

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Get accessories, handles and hinges

Do your windows need new treatment? Elptoo can provide help for you.

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Get secondary double glazing

Double glazing helps increase insulation within your home reducing the energy required for heating. Your Elptoo assistant can provide you with the help you need. Just chat with your assistant today.

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Get insulated glazing

Your windows might need to have insulated glazing to keep warm within the colder months. Elptoo will find you contractors and even provide you with price quotations. Chat with your assistant today.

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Get commercial glazing

Do you need glazing for your office or a commercial place? Find the right glazier for the type of work that you need through your Elptoo assistant.

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