Elptoo for gardening includes finding the right equipment, a recurring gardener, maintenance, landscaping and any emergencies that you may have. Elptoo provides the comparative rates and packages that suits you and your schedule.

Garden maintenance service

Whether you have a party or just want to keep your garden clean, ask your Elptoo assistant to provide you a qualified gardener at your price point. Call him today.

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Landscaping & garden upkeep

Tired of your boring garden? Elptoo can find a landscape artist to design the perfect garden for you. Call him today if you want a water feature, extra plants or just to have your garden assesed to be designed to your dream outdoor space.

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Convert lawn to turf

Avoid wasting your precious time and money to maintain your garden. Ask your Elptoo assistant today about turfing. It would be a good alternative for an outdoor space.

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Get a fence installed

Do you need to have a fence installed? Get qualified workers to do it with your Elptoo assistant. Call in today to get a price quote and know who could do it for you.

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Find lawn care services

Maintaining your garden can be laborious. Have someone else do it for you with your Elptoo assistant. Don't forget to ask for a price quotation to save you time.

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Get garden clearance services

Do you have an overgrown garden? Just ask your Elptoo assistant to find qualified gardeners for all your gardening needs. Call your assistant today.

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Get garden lighting

What is the use of maitianing your garden if half the day you can't see it. Make sure your hardwork is seen all moments of the day with garden lighting. Ask your Elptoo assistant to find you a specialist to highlight your garden. Call or chat with your assistant today!

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Tree pruning or tree removal service

Trees would also need upkeep to keep it beautiful. Ask your Elptoo assistant for branch pruning, crown shaping or full tree removal services. Call him to find qualified gardeners today.

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Hire someone for gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a very important. You should get it done every so often to avoid further costs to your home. Call your Elptoo assistant to find someone who can clean your gutters today.

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Get price quotations

Not sure how much it would cost? Just let your Elptoo assistant know what it is that you need and get a price quotation for the services that you want. Just simply chat with him today.

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