Food delivery

Elptoo can arrange for food delivery, where and when it can. Make your request through your assistant via chat on the free app or with a phone call. Your assistant can also provide suggestions based on your taste and preference, availability and budget. Talk to your assistant now and sate your appetite.

Order Chinese food

Craving for chinese food? Get it delivered! Call your Elptoo assistant to sate your chinese cravings.

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Home delivery service

Get food delivered to your home. Just provide the details to your Elptoo assistant and get it delivered straight to your doorstep.

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Order Indian food

Sate your curry craving in the comfort of your home. Ask your Elptoo assistant about Indian cuisine delivered to your home. Chat with him today.

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Order organic food

Find organic food and have it delivered. Your Elptoo assistant can help find one for you. Now it is up to you to give him a call or a chat.

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Find the best restaurant with delivery

Looking for the best food to get delivered? Look no further, just ask your Elptoo assistant to do the work for you. Just let him know what it is that you want and he will find it for you.

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Healthy food delivery

Food delivery doesn't always have to be greasy and unhealthy. Your Elptoo assistant can provide healthy meals for you to choose from. Just chat with him now.

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Order Thai cuisine

Get a taste of Thailand in the comfort of your own home. Order Thai food now with the help of your assistant. Chat with Elptoo today on the free app.

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Diet delivery service

Get a diet delivery service that includes meal plans. Plus, they can even deliver it to you. Ask your Elptoo assistant to know more about these services. Call in today.

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Pet food delivery

Forgot to buy your pet food? Ask your Elptoo assistant to find one for you to get it delivered to your home.

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Order Mexican cuisine

Having a fiesta at home? Get your fill of tacos and burritos without leaving home! Just ask your Elptoo assistant to find one for you. Just talk to your assistant today.

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