Dry cleaning

Elptoo can provide you with dry cleaning services for your delicates and other textiles. Just discuss with your assistant what you would need and let him know your requirements so he can provide you the proper services. Together with dry cleaning, Elptoo can provide you with a multitude of other services with just one subscription.

Get everyday items dry cleaned

From shirts to trousers, have it cleaned. Ask your Elptoo assitant for assistance.

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Dry clean a wedding dress

Have your wedding dress cleaned with Elptoo. Ask yor assistant today on where and how it can be done.

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Dry clean suede and leather products

Your heavy textiles should be taken care of by professionals. Let Elptoo find qualified laundry service to suit your standard. Talk to your Elptoo assistant today!

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Dry clean for collection and delivery

Do you need a dry cleaning service but don't have the time? Your Elptoo assistant can provide you with a collection and delivery service from the convenience of your home.

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Dry clean duvet and curtains

Are you in thr process of spring cleaning? Do not forget your curtains and duvets in the process. Let Elptoo do it for you and have these things cleaned as well.

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Get your carpet dry cleaned

Have your carpets cleaned to prevent dust mite from nestling in. Elptoo can find cleaning services that will eradicate and prevent this from happening.

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Get your clothes pressed

Do you you need your shirts pressed? Let Elptoo find you a qualified service that suits your needs. Chat with your assistant today!

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Dry clean your evening wear

Have your delicate evening wear be washed and prepared by a qualified serviceman. Let your Elptoo assistant find where you can have it sent.

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Dry clean your formal wear

Do you need to have your coats washed before the winter months? Task Elptoo to find you a laundry or dry cleaning service that would be up to your standard.

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Dry clean your winter clothes

Have your winter clothes cleaned with your Elptoo assistant. Chat with him today to get your jackets cleaned.

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