Driver services

Elptoo can take care of finding a driver. Weather it be just a driver or a driver and a car your assistant is ready to help! Let us know how we can help you for all your driver needs.

Request for a chauffer

Would you require a chauffer services to get you around? Task your assistant to find one for you. Your assistant is just a call or chat away.

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Find a driver urgently

Need a driver now? Your assistant is waiting for your details to get you one as soon as possible.

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Wheelchair accessible vans

Your Elptoo assistant can find a driver and van service to accommodate special needs such as wheel chair access. Ask for one today from your assistant via the app or the website.

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Advanced booking for a driver

Planning your journey? Book in advance to make sure that you are able to maximise your trip. Ask your Elptoo assistant via the website or the free app.

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Driver for the holidays

Going on holidays? Find a driver for your trip. Your Elptoo assistant will find you qualified drivers so you would not have to worry. Chat with him today.

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Horse drawn carriage

Looking for something special for your special day? Elptoo can assist you making it special by finding you a special horse drawn carriage. Talk to your assistant today.

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Find a motorbike taxi service

Do you need a faster mode of transport? Motorbike transport can be hired with your Elptoo assistant. Enquire today!

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Charter an airplane

Get to the sky with a plane and a pilot of your own. Let your assistant know the locations of your point of departure and desired destination. He can get back to you with a price quote as well! Chat with him today.

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Boat and crew rental

Escape to your destination via the sea. Let Elptoo make your dreams come true. Talk to your assistant now.

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Hire a van transport service

Need to get heavy items around? Elptoo can provide assistance with what you need. Talk to your assistant today.

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