DIY and household

Elptoo can provide assistance on your DIY home projects and work-related tasks. Contact your assistant in order to assess and address your situation. He will then guide you to the most suitable service and obtain a quotation for the work needed. Acquire service from any of the qualified crafts and servicemen from Elptoo's partners.

Get DIY Kitchen ideas

Are you looking for DIY ideas for your kitchen? Elptoo can assist you with your DIY projects. Just chat or call your assistant today.

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DIY project gone wrong? Ask your Elptoo assistant to provide the right solutions for you. Just tell your assistant what you need help with and he can provide the solution.

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DIY Home project ideas

Are you looking for a project to improve your home? Elptoo can provide you with ideas and assistance on your DIY project.

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DIY Christmas decoration ideas

Your Christmas decors doesn't have to be expensive. You can make your own. Find DIY Christmas projects with your Elptoo assistant.

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Find someone for home repairs

Do you need help with any repairs or anything else around the home? Elptoo can assist you by thoroughly knowing what youre requirements are and providing the best qualified service.

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Emergency home repairs

Do you need repairs urgently? Elptoo can provide you with help finding the qualified worker that suits your needs.

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Plumbing services

Let your assistant find you a qualified plumber to do the work that you would need. Just mention thoroughly the work required and count it as done.

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Electrical services

Is something not working right? It might need an electrician to get it working again. Ask Elptoo to look for a qualified serviceman now.

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Furniture assembly

Recently bought a furniture and still have it in a flat pack? Ask Elptoo to get a handyman so that you can start using it!

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Painting and decorating services

Need a paint job? Elptoo can find and book for you painters and decorators for that fresh new coat of paint.

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Property refurbishment

Do you have new renovation ideas? Make it come to fruition with Elptoo. Talk to your assistant now.

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Appliance installation or repair

You have come to the right place for all your appliance needs. Let Elptoo know about your specific needs and get it done in no time.

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Find a pest control

Do you have pests? Your assistant can help you get rid of them. Discuss with your assistant what you need help with.

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Garden needs

From maintenance to landscaping, let your assistant know what you need. Chat or call him today.

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