Elptoo is your personal conceirge for your music needs. Let your assistant find the concert of your dreams and book your tickets as well. Just let your assistant know which concert you wish to watch, your available dates and he will take care of everything! Jamming is easy and worry free with Elptoo.

Buy tickets

Do you need tickets for a concert? Elptoo can assist you. Just talk to the assistant now with your requirements.

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Find music festivals

Find the music festival for you. Just enquire about it through your Elptoo assistant and he can even book the trip for you.

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Find a location for a concert

Do not know where the next concert will be? Elptoo knows! Ask your assistant today.

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Find discounted tickets

Trying to get discounted tickets? Elptoo can find it for you. Let your assistant know.

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Dates and times of a concert

Know when the next concert will be with Elptoo. You'll never miss out on your favorite band, talk to your assistant today!

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Artist for a private concert

Do you need entertainment for your party? Let Elptoo bring the party to you. Your assistant is just one ring away.

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Buy concert souvenirs

Missed out on your favorite souvenir? Let Elptoo get it for you!

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Find a sound engineer

Would you need a sound engineer for your concert? Book one with your Elptoo assistant.

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Find concert euqipment

Planning a concert? Allow Elptoo to book your sound equipment so you can concentrate on the important stuff.

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Music festival accommodation and transport

Your Elptoo assistant can provide you with most everything for your festival needs. Just talk to your assistant today.

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