Car services

Do you need help with your vehicle? Elptoo can provide you with all the services that you need from finding services like power vacuum to clutch repair. Your assistant may also provide you with price quotations. Let Elptoo book your appointments for a hassle-free experience. Chat with your assistant now.

Find a car wash service

Depending on how clean you want your car to be, Elptoo has the solution. Call your assistant today for services to have your car cleaned and make it look like brand new.

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Find car buffing service

Missing the new car shine? Just ask your Elptoo assistant for car buffing services near you. Dont forget to ask for price quotation so that you can always be informed.

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Get your car waxed

Looking a qualified car waxing service? Elptoo can find one for you complete with price quotes and location. Just chat with your assistant today.

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Get a deep vacuum for your car interiors

Get a thorough clean of your car with deep vacuum services. Ask your Elptoo assistant today on where and how much for a deep vacuum for your car.

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Find a valet car wash service

Have the cleaning service come to you car. No more lines and no more wait. Just ask your Elptoo assistant to find you this service. Chat with your assistant today.

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Get a foam wash for your car

Foam car wash is a gentle way to clean the surface of your car preserving the paintwork. Get your car washed with a foam through your Elptoo assistant. Chat with him today to find this service near you.

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Get a hand washed service for your car

Get people who are as meticulous as you are when it comes to a car wash. Find hand wash services through your Elptoo assistant. He is just a call or chat away.

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Find a car repair service

Not sure what is wrong with your car? Get it professionally checked by a mechanic! Ask your Elptoo assistant to find qualified mechanincs via the website or the free app.

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Get your tyre changed

Flat tyre? Have someone get down and dirty to change your tyre. Your Elptoo assistant can find someone to come and service your flat tyre.

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Change your car battery

Do you need to get your battery changed? Your Elptoo assistant is waiting for you via phone or chat via the free app to know where you are and get the service done.

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Car diagnostics

When you have warning lights on your dashboard, it means something needs to be checked with your car. Your Elptoo assistant can find assistance for your car worries. Just chat with him today.

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Service for winter preparation

Make sure your car is winter proof otherwise costly repairs can follow or even get car troubles while stuck in the cold. Ask your Elptoo assistant to make sure your car is in ready for the winter season.

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Repair your clutch

Do you feel like there is something wrong with your clutch? Make sure iyour car is always travel safe. Call your Elptoo assistant so you would not have to worry anymore.

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