Elptoo is able to assist you in your daily administrative requirements. One of the feature that we have is a library of templates, letters, contracts and agreements that are easily customizable to fit your need. This saves you not only time in writing but also earns you savings by bypassing costly legal services. Once subscribed, our assistant will process your request and will propose a quick and accurate solution.

Renew your passport

Do you need to renew your passport? Elptoo can assist you with your application, hassle-free. Talk to your assistant today.

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Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement template

Do you need a template for an assured shorthold tenancy agreement? This template agreement can be used to help you protect your rights as a tenant or lessor of the property. Talk to your assistant on how to utilize the agreement.

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Resignation letter template

Are you ready to move forward in your career? Elptoo can provide assistance with a resignation letter. Provide the details that you would need to your assistant now!

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Cover Letter template

Do you need a grabbing cover letter to land your dream job? Elptoo will be able to provide you with a template and more. Just ask you assistant thru phone or chat via the app or the website.

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Employment Contract template

Is your business growing and needs more employees? You may want to talk to your assistant in providing a standard employment contract. Just let your assistant know the details of employment and he will be able to take care of it.

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Book a hotel or any accommodation

Let your assistant handle your business trip or vacation. Provide your details on the location, dates and budget so that your assistant can find the right flights and hotels based on your needs.

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Find and book a restaurant

Elptoo is able to find and book a restaurant near you. Do you need a restaurant that would be quiet to conduct business or going out on a date? Let your assistant know your requirements and let him do all the work for you.

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Get a cleaner

Do you need cleaning services for your home or your office? Elptoo can provide qualified cleaners for your requirements. Chat with your Elptoo assistant today!

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Hire an electrician

Do you have electrical problems at home or at the office? Elptoo can assist you with the things you need to get done. Talk to your assistant now.

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Find a dry clean

Elptoo will be able to assist you when you need your clothes to be dry cleaned. Talk to your assistant now and let him know your requirements.

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